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Welcome to Blue Sphere Services publishing.  We aim to offer a range of children's books that support positive actions by children that are also fun to read or to encourage participating in activities.

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  • Life Isn't Fair
    Living life with a physical disability from birth means a hard road ahead for anyone, but Ian McDonald has taken it all in his stride and through tough times and good, he has led what some people would describe as a relatively normal yet in some respects, extraordinary life despite his disability. This has seen him treated well by his family and friends, but who survived his school years being mercilessly bullied by other children. As his life has gone on, he's come up against discrimination in the workplace, discrimination by potential and actual employers, been sacked from his 'job of a lifetime' for being too good at it and through all this has had some unbelievable successes along the way. Ian's life is a rich tapestry of good and bad, but all through it we can see his ability to keep a smile on his face and shrug off the bad times shines through.
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Nana's Garden Surprise (soft cover)
    Every day after school, Tom goes to Nana’s house and enjoys digging in the garden, pulling out the weeds and watering the garden. Today when Tom arrives, Nana has a surprise. “Close your eyes and no peeking Tom.” Says Nana. “I have a surprise for you!” “What could the surprise be?” wondered Tom. This picture book introduces children to the delights of gardening and learning gardening skills from grandparents.

    (28 pages)
    NZ$ 28.00